Wilcom ES Designer version 9 . 
Supported Operating System: - Windows 2000  Windows XP . 
Windows server 2003 . 
Compatibility mode. 
Windows 7 . Windows 8 . 
How to install steps. 
1: - Before running Wilcom setup disable your antivirus software and their scanning services because some antivirus software treat Wilcom files as they contain viruses which is actually false positive and there are no viruses in their files. 
2: - After installation of Wilcom provide their path in exclusion lists of your antivirus software specifically Bin folder Which you can found in ESWIN folder, so antivirus software not  
capable to delete their essential files which are required to run wilcom . 
3: - After followed above steps now you can enable your antivirus software and their scanning services which you stopped before runningWilcom setup . 
4: - To run Wilcom v9 on Windows 7/8 (32/64). You only need to set Windows XP SP3 Compatibility mode on shortcuts.

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