Download Corel Draw 11 Portable | 19MB only

Corel Draw 11 Portable  

19MB Only:- 

CorelDRAW is a leading professional vector graphics application. Now in version 11, it continues to be full of innovative new tools and facilities, though learning how to use them all takes time and patience. Several of the improvements in the new version are designed to ease the drawing process by introducing tools to overcome specific drawing problems.
For example, there are now new "three-point" tools for drawing rectangles, ellipses, and curves. With each you click to fix the first point, stretch out to define an axis or baseline, and click again to complete the object. This is a very useful alternative to the conventional way of drawing these figures, though the original tools are still there, too.

Other new tools include Polyline and PenPolyline enables you to create lines and objects segment by segment, where each segment can be straight or curved. Pen is similar to the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop, offering a quick and easy way to create Bezier curves.
Other handy new features include the ability to snap one object to another and to simplify shapes and extract the outline of one from another when they overlap. The Align and Distribute dialog is now "modeless," making it easier to work with when lining up objects.

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